F*** Mark Milly.

I totally agree with the title of this 'tape. lol jk jk My homie from Baltimore, Mark Milly, recently drop a "brief tape" for the people! I'm downloading the brief tape now but I'm pretty sure there's some heat on there! Mark is a really dope MC so I suggest you download this 'tape and check him out asap! You don't want to be the last to know! Mark Milly will also be on my mixtape, No Shade, dropping really really soon people!!! So look out for that! For more on Mark Milly, clicky here!

Here's the trailer for the brief tape


1. Fuck Mark Milly (Intro)
2. Shawty Say Wussup w/ Jimi Hart
3. Callin All Shots (feat. Tragedy) [Narrated By: Tra' Holiday]
4. Half & Half
5. ?! (Produced By: DeShae Rhodes)
6. Don't Come Down (feat. Fuze B)
7. Coming Soon. (Experiement Milly {Exhibit T}) [snippet]
8. How Can I?! (Produced By: J-Dot) [feat. Jennifer Simone]
9. Lay Low (StyleFree)
10. Nothing Like It
11. Love Won't Let Me Wait (feat. Kai-Marley)
12. What They Say (Produced By: Brey Quick)
13. Previews

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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