iListen: Outasight's "Futher" EP.

Ever sat in your room alone, staring at your computer screen with your iTunes up and think of a type of music you would love to be created in real life? Like if a blonde pop singer would sing and then flip it and like rap like Rick Ross or something? (Don't ask) Well, I swear when I first heard Outasight's music, I was like "This is it!!! This is the kind of music I would dream of!!! It's REAL!" Dude is ill! Amazing soulful singing voice, dope flow-it's like the ulimate combo!!! I downloaded this EP like a couple of days ago and been playing it ever since! I've been hearing about this artist named Outasight but never really took the time out to listen to his music, which I do to a lot of artists. I'm trying to kick that bad habit, I tend to miss out on dopeness.=( But glad I listened. He recently did the 2nd Famous Factory show in Brooklyn along with Nipsey Hussle, Donnis, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, Rich Hil and more and I watched the video of his set and was like "I need to get his music in my hard drive NOW!" I love it when I find really good artists, it really makes my week! I'm def an Outasight fan! He's really good people! Good ol quality music for the soul.
And here's the video of his set at the last Famous Factory show!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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