In Hip Hop News: Eminem "Recovers" & Tops the charts!

Eminem Releaspe'd and it was ok. It sold well. But the album was blahhhh. Then he went through a state of Recovery and TOPS THE CHARTS!!! And it's a really, really good album. He sold 740k+ in the album's first week and is #1 on the top charts!!!

Em is one of those artists that I like their singles but not albums, so when someone told me I just had to hear this album, I wasn't too excited but I got it and damn he went in! It's a really good classic album in my opinion! Good vibe to it, nice variety. Lyrically, Em is a BEAST! He always has been but damn he went in! Love it! Congrats to Em and his team! Dopeshit!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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