J.Cole's at 2010 BET Awards.

So when I heard the love of my music life, J.Cole, was performing at the BET Awards, I made sure I would be able to see it and watch the WHOLE THING. Notice how I put that in caps. So next thing you know they introduce J.Cole, he starts his set, I'm excited, then BAM! We get hit with commercials! How they gonna do him like that? Fortunately, we have video of his whole set and he does a new verse on A Star Is Born. It's a dope verse, HOW THEY GON'-let me calm down. I swear all artists send by Hov start off with like the worst conditions. Hov is totally cranking a KanYe with J.Cole. But look at KanYe now, ...I ain't complaining. Talk about humble beginnings.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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