Young Money, Cash Money... love to hate them, hate to love them. That's pretty much how I am with YM CM. There's some really good things about them... like Tyga and Drake. Then you got some not so good things, like Nicki Minaj. And Birdman...rapping. To me, Birdman rapping is like if Joe Jackson declared himself the 6 member of the Jackson 5. I loved Birdman and Mannie Fresh back in the day and I had no problem with him rapping then but now it's like, just lay low and play Big Daddy to the crew. I will say this though, his songs are really dope. Only reason why, cause he features the right people on the right tracks. And usually Wayne on like every track so that's always nice. I love Tyga on this track, I like his parts the most. It's a really good song, I would def bump this in the car driving down Memorial Drive on a hot summer afternoon. Oh the imagery! lol Dopeshit YM CM! As always I guess.

...and I just absolutely love Tyga's style!That nigga be stylin' on you hoes! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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