M.Proper Presents Rich Hil-SlickVILLE.

Here Limos goes again! Just dropping that dopeshit on you from outta nowhere! lol I had no idea this was dropping last night! Been waiting for this 'tape for a minute and it's here!!! M.Proper of Limos gives you some Ricky Hil ill shit. Thank youuuuu Proppppppp!!! lol This tape goes hard people. Listening to it as I do this post. I think this will be my "riding around the A" music. Shit be riding!!! And no, I'm not having a bias! Everyone says I have a bias cause I'm down with Limos-shut that bs up! DOWNLOAD THIS PEOPLE!!! LIMOSSSS!!! Oh, and I did a tinychat a couple of days ago, we had this "debate" on Rich and word was that Rich said he did a track with Smoke DZA and Smoke DZA was like "who?". Lay the rumors to rest and download the mixtape. Peep track 12. LIMOS! lol

Also, peep this teaser for a new Rich Hil music video "Medication"!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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