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So as some of you may know, I was just recently in NYC to spend time with my older sister Erica! Some of my loyal readers are familiar with Erica and her silliness and can clearly see where I get mine from! Anywho, during my last day there (in NYC people.C'mon keep up!), Erica and I were having one of our usual hilarious conversions about... well everything and everyone! While discussing our careers and how the industries we're in are completely different, I remembered something she told me while explaining to me about how I should go about messy and unnecessary "connections":
Fuck a bridge! I can swim!
Everytime I think of that quote, I literally laugh my ass off! It's very Erica and it's very true. People always want to hit with that "You're gonna need me!" mess. Reality of it is, no, I'm not gonna need you. I won't need you cause I'm gonna be about my business no matter what! Anything that the usual person may need someone else for, I'm gonna make sure I can get it for myself. And yes, being in the entertainment industry, connections are extremely important! Heck, just in life connections are important! But making sure you can get what you want and need and succeed in life on your own is even more important!

I like to think of it like this: you can either jump to the top or climb to the top. If you jump, yeah you get to the top, but your ass is gonna fall right back down. And you will fall hard! But if you climb, you can take your time and yes, it may be hard and you won't have any help but once you get to the top, it will be all worth it. The view on the Top is beautiful, but how long you are trying to stay and enjoy it? Moral of the story, connections are great but they ain't everything. Make sure you're good no matter what!

Now if you just fell in love with my sister from this one quote, boy are you in luck! Cause Erica has a blog! Oh yes, she's blogging! 0_0 lol And there's even more comedy from here on Tall Girls Don't Dance. Even the blog name is funny! And I'm pretty sure you've seen the multiple "commercials" for her blog on here already! Make sure to check that out.

And oh, we can really swim. Word to The Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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