Review: Drake "Thank Me Later" album.

This is my first official album review and it's quite ironic that's it's a Drake album because my first mixtape review was on Drake's So far Gone. He he ha ha. Anyways, it's June 15th, the album is official in stores!!! Go cop that and support dope talent. Even though I don't believe album sales reflect how good or how bad an album is, it's always nice to sell a copy or two. I've know about Drake since Replacement Girl with Trey Songz and I've been waiting for his debut album for like...EVER! I'm pretty sure you guys are aware that the album leaked and I am not ashamed to say that I downloaded it. At least I'm being honest. But if I had money right now, I would get up and head to Target to cop the album, because yes, Es approves of this album. On to the review now!

To my 2 loyal blog readers, remember every time I would post about Drake and this album, I would say "If I listen to Thank Me Later and say 'So Far Gone was doper than this shit' I will cut Drake's d*** off!"? Well, he can keep it. This album is dope people! And I think everyone was expecting this mind blowing type of album that would just be crazy and hype and stuff. I personally just wanted some really good music. I was worried that it would be mind blowing. So mind blowing that I wouldn't be able to rock with it. I heard big names thrown around for features like Hov, KanYe, Eminem, etc and I honestly felt like if he drops an album saturated with big names and hype, it would musically be wack. I believe he took the good from So Far Gone and incorporated into this album. Everything about this album is superb! Lyrics, production, melodies, vibes-it's just very well put together. I like to listen to music and feel like the artist put some thought into what they were doing when creating it, especially when it comes to rap music. There was the right amount of features, the features were on the right songs. Like honestly, I could be silly and make jokes like I usually do when I blog, but this album is just truly amazing and a great effort from the Canadian (there's a joke). It's crazy cause I hate Nicki Minaj, but her verse on Up All Night goes hard! I think I know it word for word! lol If she rapped like that and not the doll robotic type flow, I would probably like her again.

The main reason why I respect Drake as an artist is because he knows how to make music that caters to many different people without losing himself and his own unique style in the music. A lot of artists feel like sometimes they need to change it up to seem appealing to the people. Most of the time what happens when they do that is they lose their original fans and get a new audience that really only likes them for that particular style. Drake appeals to 14 year old white girls in the suburbs to 40 year old hood ass dudes in... the hood! He makes songs for the grown and sexy, the young and reckless, and the Hip Hop heads and puts it in this one album and it doesn't sound like a clusterfuck! It makes sense! It's really hard to do that! Hov couldn't even do that with Blueprint 3! Yea I said it! Lyrically, Drake is like making other MC's seem illiterate! I thought he was going hard only in Over but I got the whole album and almost fell off my bed listening to it! And I love my producers! Word to 40, Boi1da, and all the other producers on this album! Amazing production! I feel like this album should get Drake some Grammy's and other prestigious awards because it's that good of an album. I would say some VMA moon men but he really needs to do some better videos. Can someone hook him up with Hype Williams or something?...shit. But this is a great album and as a long time Drake fan and avid music head (or critic like some people like to say), I would like to congratulate Drake and his team on a job well done! Thank you Drake for this amazing piece of audio art.

Favorite tracks
The Resistance
Show Me A Good Time
Up All Night
Unforgettable (#1 fav) be honest, I never though I would see the day when this album would drop. It was worth the wait though.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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