Review: Sickamore x XXL's Famous Factory Show [5/28 Brooklyn]

I'm about to shit on this event!!!-just kidding! lol This is my second review on a show, first one was on the Kid Cudi x Asher Roth show in ATL which I never finished. Sowry. lol Everyone is waiting for this review and what I thought about it blah blah-I got yall. And apparently I said a few things on Twitter that some people got twisted, but Es is about to untwist it (lol) so it's all good. Now let's talk the show!

First off, my fellow hippie, Super, and I were hella early! We weren't trying to miss shit! We were there before Sickamore was and it was his event! We were too excited. lmao  Anywho, there were two rooms at the venue. The first part of the show was in the first room. Jasmine Solano (dope DJ & MC) was on the one's and two's spinning straight classics! I felt like I was in '94 again-which was dope because I like feeling young. Then Najee came on and did like 4 songs. He's good but I was still not convinced. He has potential though. Then Skotch Davis came on and did like a verse from a song he has with Dom Kennedy-now I was convinced. He's hella dope and I'm mad I never heard of him till that night! After was Push Montana...Push Montana and his crew! lol I tweeted this while at the show:Push Montana's "crew" is scaring me shitless! lol please no one make them angry! I said that cause as soon as Push was on stage like 6 dudes, in all black, walk right in front of me and Super, just lined up straight and just stood there. Gangstas! Like you knew not to fuck with them. But it was all good, I'm a girl, they wouldn't hurt me. Push is ill! Like his whole "Fresh Dope" thing! Def have to listen to more of his music. Next was Sean Price. I've heard of him but I never heard him, get it? Dude came on stage, chill as fuck, got the mic, and just started spittin. I said this on Twitter and some ppl took it the wrong way:Sean Price is Brooklyn's Rick Ross. (c)Es lol he's ill though! I'm a Rick Ross fan so when I said this, I said it as a compliment. I said this because Sean Price has the demeanor of a leader and representative of his people and city. And the way he goes about his music is like either you like it or you don't. He's not trying to impress anyone really. I feel like that was how Rick Ross was in the beginning of his career. So that's why I said what I said and Sean Price is very ill. I really enjoyed his set and I have to google some music from him.

After that, it was time to go to the next room and being as excited as we were, Super and I ran to the next room. lol Jasmine Solano still killing it on the turn tables. She was playing some Shawty Lo, Gucci, and other ATL music, it felt like home! lol Then guess who was next? RICHHHHHHHHH HILLLLLL!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO! LIMOS! Fuck yea and Rich had his band! He did really good! He did some new songs from Limo Tints, so if you are in NYC and didn't go to the show, you're lame and missed that! (btw I heard more of Limo Tints, shit is fucking ill!) The band was great, Rich and Bonic did great, they killed their set. I even got a shoutout from the homies! DOPESHIT! lol I could tell in the crowd that a lot of people may not have know about Limos but by the end of the set, they were fucking with it so that's excellent!  HUHHH! Vado... Vado Vado Vado! He is very entertaining. I like his shit. Flow is ill, picks some of the dopest beats I ever heard, rocks with the crowd. Very convinced from his set. I listen to too much ATL rap and like experimental type rap so it's nice to hear some good New York hip hop like Sean Price,Vado, and PUSH!. I appreciate their music and them bringing New York back into Hip Hop.

And then there was Curren$y! Curren$y is the shit live! He's such a cool and funny dude! I was glad I didn't leave early cause it was worth staying there till like 1am lol I liked when he spit acapella, I thought that was dope! I love when he dances! lol He is just an overall dope artist and seeing him live made me a bigger fan of his! Besides the performances, the crowd was chill as fuck! I'm use to going to shows with some crazy ass people on some dumb shit but then again, that's in Atlanta. So the New York crowd was cool as hell! It was fun, went smoothly besides the sound guy fuckin up *rolls eyes* lol I really enjoyed myself and enjoyed the music. Great event! Shout out to the homie Sickamore, running around all night! lol Shoutout to the lovely host Alexandra Estevez, who was funny and dancing all night! Jasmine Solano did the damn thang! I was so hyped when she performed her single!

We need the Famous Factory in the ATL. And yes, I'll show up mad early to that too. lol Dopeness!!!
Videos from the show
Jasmine Solano


PUSH! Montana

Sean Price

Rich Hil



'Always More, Never Less'-Es


neekz23 said…
nice review! i was in the building, i really didn't like them big ass crazy lookin security guards running around telling us not to smoke, ruined the fun (as $pitta said) lol.
Es said…
hahahaha! i know! me n the homies called tha one big dude Bruce Bruce! lmao

thanx for reading! glad you enjoyed the review!

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