...This is why I don't hang out with bipolar people.

I am not one to focus too much on gossip, beef, and overall general fuckery of the entertainment industry but this incident caught my attention. If you haven't heard by now, Lil B-from the group, The Pack, who did that Vans song way back? The guy who says he dresses like Jesus? Yea, him-he got knocked the fuck out. But this is what interests me, watch these next two videos and pay attention to homeboy in the red sweater.

Ok, they look like they cool peoples right? Everything is all good right? Peep this.

...wow. Make sure all your homeboys go to the therapists and get all that aggression worked out. Cause this is some bipolar shit. And if these videos are done out of order-that's even more weird. Now he's really like Jesus I guess. Lord forgive me.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Moormzy said…
thats fucked up. homie clocked his as at the end tho lol

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