Affion spoofs another Drake freestyle...

Watch this to refresh your memory.

Now watch Affion Crockett do what he does best...

Every time Affion drops a video, I swear I watch it at least 5 times in a row! I'll be in tears after watching them! His spoofs are so on point and you can tell he pays attention to the little details! Just the fact that he was moving his hands like Drake had me on the floor!

As much as I love and adore Drake, can yall please stop telling him to freestyle! And tell other rappers to stop too! The true essence of a freestyle is lost! What happened to off the dome, on the spot freestyles? And I have no problem with my MC's not being able to freestyle. Time helps everything, so if you feel more comfortable sitting down and putting real thought into your lyrics-that is a-o-k with me. But please stop freestyling if you are just gonna spit something written, that you plan on recording later (or already recorded but didn't release). *sigh*...the problems in Hip Hop today. smh. Funny stuff though Affion!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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