Ape Shit.

MUFFY!!! I love this chick! She is so dope! I've known about Muffy for a minute now and I just love everything I hear from her! Got this new song out with ...yes, Waka Flocka. Yall know I am anything but the biggest fan of this guy but I have to admit it (Lord help me!), ...can't believe I'ma say this-I actually like him on this track! Yup, Es said she likes Waka Flocka on a song. Maybe we can have world peace after all! lol I think it's the magic of Muffy that is sprinkled all over this track! But this is a really dope track. I'm not a club person but this makes me want to go to the club now and dance my ass off! Enjoy people!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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