The Blow Up.

This mixtape is kinda random. But it's a J.Cole mixtape, so I ain't complaining. Includes tracks that were not on The Come Up or The Warm Up. I actually like the songs on here, some of his best in my opinion. J.Cole supporters, you need this in your hard drive.

  1. I Really Mean It
  2. I'm Comin'
  3. I Got It
  4. Premeditated Murder
  5. In The Morning
  6. Need You Bad Remix
  7. Knock On Wood
  8. Serenade
  9. Show Me Something
  10. Unabomber
  11. Who Dat
  12. Back To Topic
  13. Sky Boy
  14. Shook Ones Freestyle
  15. Top Of The World ft. Al
  16. Good Game
  17. Higher
  18. We On
  19. Whose World Is This
  20. Playground
  21. Song For The Ville
  22. The Last Stretch

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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