Curt@!n$ x The Butcher's Block TV.

TBB TV SEASON 1 / EPISODE 1: I AM CURT@!N$ from The Buther's Block on Vimeo.


CURT@!N$: I am Dope Boy CCurtains is an extremely talented artist who Kanye West dubbed a “fashion genius”. His choice of garb might lead you to believe that his music should sound a certain way but don’t be fooled by his penchant for being dapper. His compositions are as diverse as his taste for fashion. Curtains delivers aggressive and insightful lyrics with a message entangled in wordplay that will have your ear to the speaker trying to catch every curve ball thrown. In this piece Dope Boy discusses how his fashion sensibilities have landed him in a unnecessary rap category and why he doesn’t believe in being labeled.

Very, very dope video! Curt@!n$ is def another one of those up & coming MC's who is the truth! People need to stop sleeping on him because he definitely has something to say worth listening to. I felt like I would be doing you guys an injustice if I watched this and didn't share it with you. Video speaks for itself. Watch and learn. Word to TBB TV!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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