Discovery of the Day: Little Dragon.

This morning, as I checked my Twitter on my new iTouch (which is annoying the heck outta me!), I saw a tweet from my sister Erica (@missjure) to check out some band. She said to download their first album and that I will like them. So when I got home, I went to the homie, Google, ...and googled them. I went to their MySpace and the first video I watched for their song, Fortune. It was nice but I wasn't mind blown or excited. Then I look around the page a little more and watched the video for their song, Runabout-that is when I fell in love. To be honest, when E told me to check out a band called Little Dragon, I felt like I heard the name before. But I obviously had to refresh my memory.

Little Dragon is a Swedish based band which consists of high school friends: Yukimi (lead singer), Erik, Fredrik, and Hakan. They've been a band since '06 and have had two studio albums released (Little Dragon (self-titled) and Machine Dreams). Little Dragon toured all around Europe and I think they still are! Fun fact time!!! Little Dragon was a nickname of Yukimi because she would get real heated during studio sessions. The band liked it and decided that was gonna be the band's name. The rest is history.

This band is indeed dope! One of the main things that gets me to like a band are the vocals and I love Yukimi's voice! It's smooth and sweet and she def has some vocal skills. I love the variety in their music as well. You have really chilled out songs to really upbeat and funky songs! They give the listeners a little bit of everything yet maintain a unique Little Dragon feel to it. I know this is a well known band elsewhere besides the US cause I've heard some of their songs before. Especially their song, Forever! Someone sampled that track or something! It was too familiar! This band will probably appeal to fans of La Roux, 80's music, and Neo Soul. Also to those who know of the band Sonnymoon. But even if you're not a fan of any of those and just some underground Hip Hop (admit it, you are.), you should def check this band out.

Check their official sites:

And check out the video for their song, Runabout

Thanks to my sister E! Who would have known she would be the one to put me onto some new music. She's been listening to the same Dwele, Musiq Soulchild, & Erykah Badu for the last 5 years at least. I almost started to thing she forget what the internet was. =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


E said…
I hardly listen to Dwele anymore. I know more Neo-Soul artists than that smh. Don't forget all the new music I put you on before you started blogging!!!

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