Discovery of the Day: Pharoh.

I love love LOVE finding artists-GOOD artists that barely anyone knows about cause it's like finding hidden treasure under your bed. I SWEAR! So I dropped the dope ass summer mixtape, No Shade, right? Filled with really dope and up & coming MC's, right? Yea, so we got track submission from an MC, Pharoh. When we got Real Life (Ain't A Peter Pan Play), I loved the song! The beat, the lyrics, the vibe, it was so dope-it was an automatic yes from me! So after the 'tape dropped, he hit up CO and I saw a website for him, I was like "I gotta hear more from this dude!" Thank God I clicked on that link! Pharoh is sooooo dopeeee!!! 

Here's some of his bio:
Pharoh is a musical artist whose work comprises the energy of sounds from the West merging with exotic Eastern rhythms. His music takes you on a worldwide journey, providing artistic versatility that flows over Indian tablas and  Arabic Tarab strings over a kicking 808 bass. Pharoh projects an aura of unity that bridges the gap between these cultures, creating a truly distinctive union of music. 
As a Chicago native, living in Atlanta whose roots trace back to the holy land, Pharoh began his love of music at the age of 12. His father introduced him to various genres of music including classic rock, blues and reggae. During high school, Pharoh practiced basic rhyming skills with local artists and producers. As his passion became stronger, his musical talent exponentially grew and reached a higher altitude. After linking up with Heval Kelli, a producer with a similar distinctive international touch, Pharoh discovered new musical dimensions which complemented his flow.
His music is really dope people. If it wasn't, do you think I would be blogging about it? Didn't think so. He even has an album in iTunes available right now titled East Meets West!!! As soon as I deposit this refund check, I'm copping it! Don't tell my mom! 0_0 But he has the potential to be really successful in the game! Es is def a fan of Pharoh, believe that! He's in a class of his own and if you guys trust my judgement in music, I suggest you check him out. Don't wanna be late on the train of Pharoh!

Here's a promo video for a track off his album, Gibberish

Shout out to Pharoh and thank you for sending in a track and letting me into the world of Pharoh! I like it here! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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