Girls Like Kings.

Found out about this really dope EP by a producer named Tay (@itstheTay). Tay is also a part of the comedy group, Dormtainment that I've posted on before. This is a beat EP before yall start thinking he's rapping on it. lol But it is def worth a listen or two from you! And the cover is just beyond ill! I thought it was just ice cream at first, then I saw a bikini top. lol Ill! Yall know I just love producers and Tay def has a place in my heart for this EP. Also MC's and other artists, please check this EP out! I could hear so many dope records coming from this EP and other Tay productions! Check him out asap!!! I know yall be looking for beats all the time! lol Enjoy!!!

  1. Azucar
  2. SumaTom
  3. Nowhere To Go
  4. Gorgeous Execution
  5. Kiss From a Synth
  6. A Tiger Face for a Face
  7. The Seed
  8. Money vs Sex
  9. Summer Lover (Winter Version) ft. Huel Perkins
  10. Mr.Sun
  11. Rain Song

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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