iLoveProducers: Pete Rahk.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you are probably well aware of my love for producers and their productions (duhhh!) and of my good friend and one of the dopest producers ever, Pete Rahk! Rahk has produced for Tyga, Lil Wayne, Boo Bonic, and countless other artists of all different genres of music! Rahk pretty much kills it with like every beat he does and I think any artist who is lucky to get their hands on a Rahk beat is blessed and better do it justice! I'm for real. Seriously. Like no bs. Probably wondering whyyyy I'm posting on him all of sudden. Good news music artists and beat lovers, RAHK HAS A BANDCAMP PAGE!!! *hears the crowd cheer* YASSS!!! I'm the type to literally just be online and listening to beats for hours. So yea, I'm on his bandcamp, listening to his beats as I blog today. He has some really dope beats on there, so you better get on it now!!!

Check out Pete Rahk on and follow him on Twitter at @IAMRAHK!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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