Let Hip Hop be GREAT!!!

The crap you find on WSHH. SMH! Saw this video and it was titled "The Truth Behind the BET Awards". I thought it was gonna be talking about things that happened backstage and why it's always seems like a hood production but boiiiii was I wrong! It's another one of those videos talking about Hip Hop and Illuminati. I actually research Illuminati in my free time and I would look at how people say it's all in Hip Hop especially with Jay-Z, Nas, and KanYe. I've officially come to a point where I feel like it's all bs. This no life idiot spent his sweet God given precious time out of his life to take every word, every movement, shooo every breath of the artists performing so damn literal!!! This is so stupid and I can't believe I wasted my sweet God given precious time to watch this crap!

Here's what I think when it comes to Hip Hop and Illuminati. Those who study the Free Mason Society and Illuminati and radical Christians are just picking on the Hip Hop culture and the people heading the culture because Hip Hop is the easy target. Hip Hop in itself is radical-Hip Hop artists are like the rebels of the music world. There is pretty much freedom of speech and theory in Hip Hop. Rappers are free to say things that people can admire and appreciate or take offense to. I feel like society has already done everything it could do to try to outcast those of the Hip Hop culture and because their eyes and minds are so closed, they are unable to see that no matter what they do, Hip Hop isn't going anywhere. Painting the picture of rappers as "angels of the Devil" is ridiculous!

And yea, maybe KanYe used references from the Bible and set up an image of him being God but aren't we suppose to be God like? Radical Christians, stop taking the verses from the Bible that you like and help aid your argument. If you really knew the Bible, you would know that there are many contradictions in it. It might say one thing in the Old Testament and say the complete opposite in the New Testament. If you don't like Hip Hop, ignore it! None of these artists are holding a gun to your head telling you to listen to their music and watch their performances. You are truly pathetic for making this video, you low life.

And for those who feel like Hip Hop is a part of Illuminati and are planning on taking over the world and taking over your minds-shut off your televisions, radios, and computers. If you are that vulnerable to outside forces and subliminal messages and whatever else you guys say these artists are doing, that's your problem. Whether this Illuminati crap is real and in full effect or not, I could care less. This world is already messed up as is. Leave Hip Hop alone people if you do not like and agree with it. It's not that hard to do! ...A rapper can't even move his hand while rapping without people thinking he's a devil worshiper. Tisk tisk.

I am a proud Christian and a resident of the Hip Hop World. I know my God and he doesn't like gossip or ugly. Neither do rappers. Like my girlie and her friend says "Be a good human!" And you'll be good! Lord have mercy.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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