Limo Time!!! Leak Edition!!!

Well I had a chat with my babygirl, my blog,today and in the middle of our convo, she started crying! I was like "What are you crying about little girl?" and she screamed "I WANT RICH HIL!!!" And tears were just gushing out her hyperlinks! So since my blog hasn't seen some of her favorite hippie, Rich Hil, I decided to make her happy and show her some hippie love. Excuse my imagination & creativity people. 

So yea, my blog needs some Limos on it! Rich leaked two new joints today! The hippies were feenin'!!! Medication was a long awaited track to drop, hopefully the video for that will drop soon too. All I Do Is Light Up, I swear it's an anthem! That's for the young and reckless, lonely and high-for the hippies! Love that track!

As always, be sure to check out & for all things Limos! And to be a part of Hippies Riding Limos as an official team member, get the application here!!!

La Familia Limosa Nostra!!! Limos!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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