Movie Review: Toy Story 3, Karate Kid, & Despicable Me.

I rarely talk about movies on this blog. If you know me, you know that I'm not much of a movie person to begin with. And plus, movies are just not my thing, music is. But recently, I swear I've been going to the movies every weekend. Why? My aunt got like a bunch of movie tickets from her job. So I'm pretty much going HAM at the movies now. There aren't the best movies in theaters right now. Majority of the movies out right now are more for kids and teenagers. But this is no problem for me. Es is only 5 year olds, remember? So I've been going to the movies with my nieces and with a friend of mine. I saw the three main movies out for young ones right now: Toy Story 3, Karate Kid, and Despciable Me. On with the show!

Saw Toy Story 3 with the nieces. I liked the Toy Story series as a kid myself (wait, I am a kid!) but I didn't love it. This movie was just plain ol good. Not mind blowing, but good. You didn't really have to watch Toy Story 1 and 2 to truly understand this one. Like you wouldn't be completely lost if you didn't. I feel like the moral of this Toy Story was: appreciate your toys because if you don't, they will bad mouth you to all the other toys they know. I enjoyed it though. My nieces really didn't. They were about to fall asleep. I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been.

I swear anything Will Smith touches is gold and anything Jada Pinkett Smith touches is gangsta. This movie was both! Golden gangsterness! I think Jaden Smith might just have become my new favorite actor. He did the damn thang in this movie! And Jackie Chan deserves an Oscar for this movie. If he doesn't get one, I'm burning whatever offices I need to burn down to send the message that Es is not happy. This movie was 100x better than the original! It was so intense, wayyy funnier, and the lessons that kids can learn from this movie are terrific and needed.The Kung Fu in this movie is SERIOUS! Like they do not play in China! Do not talk sh*t in China if you do not know any Kung Fu or you will just die. And these are kids doing this stuff-CRAZY! I love action movies, this was like pretty much an action movie. My favorite scene is when Jackie Chan finally encounters the crew of bullies in this alley. Watch the movie and you will know exactly what scene it is! Kick ass! This movie is amazing!

THIS MOVIE IS THE SH*T!!!! Steve Carell is that dude! This movie is hilarious! And no, I didn't just go see this movie cause Pharrell did the score for it but because I saw the trailer and it looked like a real good movie. We'll talk about the score of the movie later though. Again, this movie is beyond funny and beyond dope. There's humor for both the kiddies and the grown ups. Dr.Gru (Steve Carell) is like this super villain trying to do the most outrageous crimes but does like the bootleg version of them and he's broke so he needs funding for his crimes! I could relate to that. In some way. lol And he adopts three sisters from an orphanage-they are too cute and funny. The Minons are a trip! Their little weird language is funny, they talk like Waka Flocka. But this is def a good movie. Now about that score... Pharrell deserves an Oscar too. He killed it with the score. I thought I was gonna see this movie and just hear a bunch of Star Trak beats but I clearly heard music for a movie. If you are a fan of Pharrell and his production, you could clearly tell Pharrell had something to do with the music. Other than that though, the music was just dope as hell and very fitting for each scene. It was P's first movie score and he killed it. He needs to do more. Great movie! Def on my list of favorite movies EVER!!!

So yea, I kinda don't want these movie tickets to run out but nothing last forever. It's sad really. But going to the movies is dope once in a while. My mom wants to go see Angeline Jolie's movie, Salt, this weekend. We'll see. Turn that iTunes off for once and go to the movies!!! =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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