My mom says I scream 'BRICK SQUAD' in my sleep.

...Something is wrong with me people. No no, I know I'm like weird and crazy and stuff-that's me when I'm normal. But something is seriously wrong with me. Recently, I've noticed I've actually started to enjoy music from this Brick Squad-which is exactly what I'm not suppose to do! Their music is something I try to avoid even play on the laptop! They make the kinda of music that literally-well use to give me headaches and make me want to smash my head through the nearest wall. I thought they were lyrically weak, materialistic as hell, and just generally retarded. And in a way I still do think these things but... I enjoy it.

There's something about driving down Memorial Drive here in the ATL, turning to Hot107.9, and blasting the radio when one of their songs comes on. I swear its magically. I miss the crunk music of the early 2000's and I guess that now a days, these fools are the closet thing we can get to that. I never thought I would see the day where I put my iTunes on random and a Gucci Mane song comes on. I swear someone is putting something in my Gatorade! Now I don't want people to think I'm losing my good taste in music, peep No Shade if you need to refresh your memory about that.

But although I don't think the members of Brick Squad are the most credible MC's in the game right now, one can not deny that these guys are some of the best entertainers in the game right now. Their music just makes you go both ways.

I think I can tell my mom to cancel that psychologist appointment.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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