Parties, Hoes, & Dope Clothes.

Check out the latest mixtape from my homies, Nick-n-Beans!!!Mad they didn't inform me when this first dropped =P but it's all good cause this is a really good mixtape! Production by QBeans is ill and the homies pretty much went in on every track! Love it! You will def not be disappointed if you download this! COP IT NOWWW!!!!

  1. Intro/Elevator Music
  2. Parties, Hoes, & Dope Clothes
  3. After Midnight/Label Whore
  4. I'm Hot ft. Saint "The Goodboy"
  5. Take Control ft.Jae Summa and Paris
  6. Roll One ft. B Cobb
  7. Pull It ft. YP
  8. $ ft. Mike 100s
  9. Fuck With Me
  10. Freshmans 2011
  11. Two Weeks
  12. Before Noon
  13. 1 Way to O'Hare ft.Stoney Allen
  14. U Can Have It All ft.Reno Chinati
  15. Amazing Blazing
  16. We Can Do That ft. Max Payne
  17. BJ the Chicago Kid ft. Nick -n- Beans- iights (unofficial remix)
  18. U Ain't Even That Bad
  19. Love Hustler ft. Nick -n- Beans -The Way I Do (remix)
  20. ForeverTrue's Last Call ft. Chi McFly, Max Payne, & Cool "The Manager'
  21. Shouts

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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