Quote of the Moment by Rev Run.

I swear Rev Run is like the quote guru of Twitter. I'm not even sure if I follow him or not but it doesn't even matter because every one of his tweets are retweeted by at least 15 of the people I am following. So either way, I'm getting the memo. Although he is a reverend, a lot of his tweets are not like religious based which is dope because I already go to church for all that. Also cause, it is easier to relate to than just a bunch of Bible verses.

Saw this tweet/quote from him today (obviously was retweeted by someone) and I just had to post it.

Don't try to win alone.. Sticks in a bundle are much harder to break.

Followed by #whoyouwit?, which is very Twitterish of him to do. This is probably one of the best things I have read all week. And it's funny I saw it this week because lately, I've been feeling like I lost my ability to work with others. I already established the fact that I can't really work for others but I always saw myself as one who could work with others. I love team work! I love bouncing ideas off of one another, finding out new info, and putting bits and pieces of everyone's thoughts into one dope concept! It's like a business high to me!

But I've been clashing with people I work with over some stupid shit lately. I don't know if it's me, them, or us working together. It's annoying. I know I have a dominating personality, everyone in my family does. We're born leaders-literally. So I guess people tend to take me and what I do and say in the wrong way and make me out to be this bossy bitch. I just want what is best for the team. I'm such a unselfish person it's dangerous. Like I almost collapsed this week cause I was running (driving really) around doing things from everyone else but myself. I thought I was gonna die when the day came to an end! Anywho, I am (and always will) looking out for the betterment of the team as a whole and not Es as the individual. Why? Cause I know I have enough passion and rive to get mines, but do I have enough to make sure the team gets its is the question. If I feel like an outsider or the #1 enemy of the team, it's hard to keep that passion and drive alive.

Team work is needed, but it's not easy. But when done right, it's glorious. Tweet that Rev Run.

Shout out to everyone I work with and will work with in the future. Just tryna make sure we get to where we need to be for all the right reasons. =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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