Rich Hil is unstoppable.

Rich Hil - Cookies And Apple Juice from on Vimeo.

Yea, there's no stopping Rich Hil. Do yall know how much bs is said about this guy on the daily? (Tweetdeck is Big Brother) Do you know how much bs is said about him to me? Yea, people are very bold now a days. But like every time someone has something negative to say, he drops a mixtape, or leaks a song, or puts out a dope video and shuts them up! Without saying "Shut up!" Not many artists can do that. Whether you like the music or not, gotta respect the dude's grind. Rich got a lot of dopeness up his sleeve... he might actually pick the world and then-you know the rest.

Dope video for Rich's Cookies And Apple Juice freestyle. Directed by Mike Carson and produced by Mike Waxx, both of The video is really ill. Rich has dope energy in the video, probably one of my favorite videos from him so far. Mike and Mike (lmao!) both did a dope job. Real excited about this illRoots 2 thingy even though I don't know what it's truly about yet. lol Enjoy people! LimosssssSSSSSsssSSSSSssss!

Check out this new track by Rich Hil and Boo Bonic, Walk Away! Their mixtape, Misfits is on the way!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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