Thank You Now. Thank You Forever.

This may seem awkward, just bare with me people. I just a have a feeling that I need to do this at this moment.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! To you and you and you and YOU! Yes you!!! My blog is about 2 1/2 years old now and the progress it has made in that short amount of time is crazy!!! Like I always say, I honestly did not intend for this blog to be what it is now back when I started it. But I am truly thankfully that it is loved and appreciated by many. I am happy I can use this blog as an outlet to connect with people all over the world and to share who I am through what I love. I promise to always hold you guys down and when I finally "make it", I will NOT forget you guys! I do this for YOU! If it wasn't for you guys and the love you show me, there would be no The Girl They Call Es. And that's real. Every time I get an email, a comment on a blog post, a reply on Twitter, I truly do smile and appreciate the fact you guys even give a damn about me. lol

I am truly surrounded by some of the dopest people ever! From the artists, fellow bloggers, and avid music lovers-you guys are all truly amazing people! I promise to continue to give you guys nothing but dopeness! I'm not a dopegirl for nothing now! Things will only get bigger and better from here on out! Please feel free to hit me up about ANYTHING! I'm not just a blogger, I am a human. I know how it feels to just want someone to hear me out. I know how it feels to just want someone to see and appreciate my work. You can hit me up on Twitter (@thegirlEs), through email (, and more Formspring (! Tell me about dope events coming up, artists you think I should know about, ill fashion that dropped this season-ANYTHING! I am not just a music blogger, I am a dopeness blogger! ...I like that! I'ma say that from now on! Anyways, I just wanted to shout you guys out, the readers! You guys are the driving force behind this blog! I don't do this alone. While I post on here alone-but you catch my drift.


-with Love, Peace, & Respect,
The Girl They Call Es.

p.s. you really can't hate me. How many bloggers you know stop all the music leaks and just simply say "Thank You" to the readers? Gotta love me! I love you!!!! =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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