x Presents No Shade.

*sigh* It is finally here people! 4 months in the making, 27 tracks, various artists from all over the country,'s here. Last year, I made it a goal for me to drop a mixtape with various artists on it and I am just so overwhelmed and thankful that I was able to reach this goal and make this dream come true. Thank you to my homie and beat genius, Rahk (@IAMRAHK) for coming up with the name of No Shade and supporting me for like the longest, I really do appreciate it! Thank you to my girlie, Vanessa (@VanessaTrueLove), for spreading the word and letting artists know about the 'tape! I love you so much! BIG thanks to B.Moor and Chris Jacobs of for helping out and supporting me was well with this mixtape! I got yall and we gonna take over this shit called the internet! POW! Also, thank you to Cam (@CamTheFam) for the artwork!!! Love it!!!

Most of all, HUGE Thanks to all of the artists on this mixtape-and yes, I'm gonna name all of you! Mark Milly (Lucky for the win with the Dear Summer 2010 track!!!), Freshmen, JayR Da Star, Trey Boogie, FKi, Chuck Good,  Young Nique, Holiday Hustle, LaVish, Mums FP, Rob Roy, G.M.S., Fuze The MC, Boo Bonic, Rich Hil, Less (Limosa Nostra til the death of me, love yall!), Kartel Kobain, Big Wayde (GNS!), Cashtro Crosby, MDP, B Dot Jay, brandUn DeShay, Pharoh, and Intalek-THANK YOU!!!! You are all amazing artists and without you and your talent and dopeness, there would be no ...No Shade! Literally! I love yall and I got yall!!!

This mixtape isn't just from me and CO, it's for the artists and it's for the people! No matter how many downloads we get, doesn't even really matter. Just the fact that I was able to upload this shit is enough for me! lmao Seriously though! Took like 2 hrs to get this shit up! lol Anywho, I really hope yall enjoy this mixtape and next year, it's gonna be even bigger and better! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!...with No Shade. =D
No Shade around this muthafucka! -Rahk

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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