Two Words: Eli Porter.

You're probably like, "I know that name from somewhere..." Yes. You do. From this video-press play.

Remember now? Of course you do. Well this video was recorded in 2003. So about 7 years later-he's back for some action. Yes Eli Porter is back to claim what is rightfully his which is the glory! ...At least the glory on YouTube. And you though he was dead... tisk tisk!

So he's not dead, he's alive and well. He's not retarded (which is hard to believe still), just country as hell. He has a mixtape on the way and a documentary coming out. ...What am I doing wrong? lol I mean all these rappers coming out lately make me want to start rapping and drop a mixtape or two! I need some way to pay for college! Damn! And did he get shot in the arm? 0_0 Heard Weezy might come out of jail early... he better watch out for Eli Porter... cause he's back!!! Mwuhahahahahahahaha!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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