And now a word from Es herself...

Hey people, Es here. As usual. I honestly feel like I've been getting beat up everyday without anyone touching me. Why? Summer semester, new job, and in general. I guess that's just the life of a dope, broke, college attending dreamer. *sigh* Don't feel bad though, this will all go into my autobiography when I am a legend. This post is gonna be random as hell-'brace yourself. But I just wanted to talk about a few things.

"Who are you?" I've been getting questions like this lately. And to be honest, I don't know the proper way to react to this. Sometimes I say a blogger, other times I say a beautiful nightmare, and often times I'm like "What kind of question is this?" So for those who forgot who I am or never found out, I am Es. I go to college in GA, I blog (as you can see), I work with and hold down Limos (Rich Hil, Boo Bonic, M.Proper, Sickamore), and I aspire to dominant the music business in the near future. Now, you would think this would answer the question but it doesn't. People always want to know more. Look people, I have no secret agenda. I blog, I promote, and I grind. Point blank period. I'm pretty low key for someone trying to get into the industry. I'm not a fame chaser, I actually try to run far away from the fame. I will say this, I know people have their opinions about me, which is cool cause I probably have my humble opinions about them, but if you want to know what's real, I advise you to go straight to the source. The source, is moi. It doesn't get any realer than E!

Like stated before, I rep Limos. All day, every day. For life, and after life. I understand that people have A LOT to say about the crew and Rich's music but like seriously, you don't have to direct all your anger at me. You have every right to have your opinion but please don't come at me with your eGun, aka keyboard, ranting on how you think Limos sucks. First off, ya not gonna change my opinion about Limos. Secondly, I don't care. Limos is doing the damn thing and your hate is just proving to the world that they are doing something right. Rich makes music for the people who like it. If you do not like, turn the other f*ckin' cheek. And don't @mention me on Twitter. Thank you kindly.

GIVE ME CONTENT!!! I pride myself on posting music and other dope things that not many people may be  aware of. I want upcoming music artists to send me their music,I want producers to send me beats so I can do a feature on them, I want models, artists, dancers, fashion labels, fashion designers-I want any and every dope person doing something dope and different to hit me up with their dopeness. That is the main point of this blog! I'm not the biggest fan of the mainstream world. I'm all about the underground, the up and coming, the unknown. Think about it like this, this blog is yours! Whenever you have something you want to share with the world, send it to me and I'll post it! I work for you! -not really, but you catch my drift. And if want me to review something for you before you release it, I'll be more than happy to check it out for you and give you feedback. I don't leak anything I don't have permission to. I'm a good girl. So please, email me ya dopeness at!!! I do this for YOU!

The girl they call Es is no longer alone. I know have friends. On the blog that is! lol Probably noticed some new names under the authors section on the side, the team is expanding. Shout out to ChiHotJo for the Chip Tha Ripper show review! She did such a dope job, didn't she? She will be popping in here and there. She will be bring the Chi to the blog! So be on the lookout for her posts. Also my homie SuperWeirdo will be posting on here. Dude always finds like the dopest stuff and links it to me and I was like "Dude, why don't you just post on my blog?" The rest was history. When he's not too busy running the streets of NYC and the ATL, he will giving yall that dopeshit. So if anyone else is interested in blogging and wants place to start on and gain blogger cred, you have an open invitation to blog on The Girl They Call Es! Just email me at and tell me your name, age, location, and why you want to blog and what you would like to blog about! Can't wait to here from you!

And as always-THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! Shout out to everyone who checks out my blog on the daily, shows me love on Twitter, tells their friends about the blog-I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. You guys motivate me to keep the blog going and to continue to give yall dopeness. I will be copping a laptop soon (yessss!) and a camera, so a lot more vlogs, hopefully interviews and show footage! This fall is gonna be crazy in the ATL! Fashion shows, concerts, comedy shows, A3C FEST-I'm so excited about that! It's going down like Yung Joc! So I'm making moves! I'm gonna be a better dopegirl for you! And special shout out to all the hippies, Limos supporters! You guys are just the best and show me so much love. I love yall, I really do! I one day hope to hang out with yall and do hippie shit together! Also special shout out to all my little rapper friends! lol I love saying that! You guys always hold me down and that means a lot to me! Keep up the good work people!

Iight, peace x love shit! Keep your dreams alive and stay on your grind! Feel free to hit me up whenever on Twitter at @thegirlEs. Email is Tumblr is Formspring is I'm everywhere! lol Love ya!  xoxoxo!!!

...Now I'm gonna go hide under my sheets again... and disappear! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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