Black & Gold.

I usually don't post stuff if I don't like it but the fact that I don't like this track, I had to post it to let yall know something. I don't think I like Wale anymore. I would say just his music, but I don't like him anymore either. I've had discussions with my sister about Wale and at first, I just loved the dude! But then, all his songs were either about suffering black women in America or partying with women. Or how fresh his kicks are-who gives a fuck? Leave that for Big Sean. It's like, is that all he can talk about? And I adore him for doing the My Sweetie track! Omo Naija all day! But his music bores me now. And as for him, dude is something else on Twitter. I can literally imagine him sitting at his Macbook getting butthurt over people's tweets. Chill, dude.

Now the reason I don't like this particular track is cause he didn't do the song justice. Sam Sparro's Black & Gold is a modern day classic and... he fucked it up. Like how dare you flip the subject matter of the song like that? Yea, he did this song wrong and it's a damn shame. Google the original song people and see what I mean. As for his upcoming mixtape or EP, More About Nothing-no, Es is not excited. Especially seeing the title of the 'tape, who would be? I'm done.

Yuck, I sound like a typical blogger in this post. Oh well.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
Listen to the tape, I promise you will be astonished. Especially on the first track

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