Chris Brown at Takers movie premiere.

Awwww! I love this!!! Chris Brown performed at the Takers movie  premiere tonight (or last night cause it's morning now). He did such a good job! And I think it's now that I finally realize how grown CB is! He's all swoll n sh*t! lol He's a damn man now! I honestly do have a special place in my heart for Chris, I've been a fan since '05-we have history. lol He performed, Wall to Wall, Deuces w/ Tyga & Kevin McCall, No Bullshit, and Forever. I also almost forgot how ill of a dancer Chris is! He be killin it with the footwork! Love it! Watching this made me really happy! Love this MAN! lol Enjoy!

Takers is in theaters August 27th... I believe. Looks like a dope movie too! Gotta get one of dopeboys to go see it with me.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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