Diddy's Commission? Oh. Okay.

WHY didn't Es know of this? This epic image that is presented before us? How freakin official is this right here? UBER OFFICIAL!!! As much as I think Diddy be doing the most and I would never apply for the show "I Want To Work For Diddy" (or whatever it's called), I have to say I have a lot of respect for the man and I've looked up to him since I was a young dope girl. Diddy is not a business man-he IS a business. I think Hov could even agree with me on that one. This dude is non-stop! Like even though he goes through artists signed to Bad Boy as fast as Precious can finish a bucket of chicken, he's still successful as hell! You would think that by now, he would have been like,"Ok, I think I'm done now." But no! Diddy won't sit his ass down! And I admire that! He's still signing artists to Bad Boy, still has Sean John up and running and invading a Macy's near you, RAPPING!!! (his albums be dope as hell, I can't even lie), and Diddy boppin' on this whole industry! Like I was heavy on Bad Boy when I was like 6 and I'm about to be 20 in October-Diddy is still relevant? Whoa! I don't think you guys understand how epic that is! Sean Diddy Combs is a living legend. No one in there right mind can deny it.

Now about this "commission" of his-uh? I'll do it in the order of the pic, left to right. ROZAY! When I first saw that the BAWSE and the Boss were "hanging out" as in working on some things together, I was like "Well isn't this an odd couple?!" I would think this kind of pairing would happen more between Ross and Jay-Z since Ross was signed to Def Jam when Hov was president. But the ways of the industry are just weird. Anywho, when I started to hear Ross on Dirty Money remixes and videos of them promoting their albums and stuntin' on all of us common folk, I fucked with it. It was dope to me and honestly, I didn't think of Diddy trying to make him like Biggie at all until people started to mention it. Just cause you wear the same pant size as someone, doesn't mean you two are the same. But I like what has come of this partnership and would love to see what else comes of it and how long it lasts. My favorite alien, Janelle Monae. I love that woman! To keep it 100, I was heated when I found out Janelle Monae signed to Bad Boy. I flipped out! I felt like Diddy was gonna change up her whole style, make her mad mainstream and watered down, and just destroy the artist that I love! But he didn't. At least not the the extent that I thought he would. I still do like the music Janelle made under Big Boi's wing more than the music she's putting out now but she is still extremely talented and an inspiring individual. "It's that Dirty Money!" I'm still salty over the tragic break up of Danity Kane. I watched all the episodes of Making The Band-I was dedicated to them. But this Dirty Money trio seems be working out really well! I still think Dawn should go solo but this is a pretty good gig for her now and the other chick. DM is putting out some rock solid records out and hopefully Last Train to-did that come out already? Well if so, I need to google it and hope it doesn't suck. Honestly though, groups under the Bad Boy label don't last very long, so I guess we can enjoy Dirty Money well it's still here. Red Cafe... yea. Cassie! Love Cassie! But what the hell is she doing? I just see her being a socialite and Diddy's side piece. Where is Ryan Leslie when you need him? Cassie, more music-less clubbing. Diddy has an interesting line up and I give it till... next summer for this to drastically change. Why? Cause it's Diddy and he won't stop cause he can't stop. Legendary indeed.

I def need to cop this issue though!

p.s.I'm having a weird morning and random found this image which made me do this long post. Excuse my fuckery.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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