Discovery Of The Day: Carlitta Durand.

Was on my homie's, Erik/Cameron, blog today (HellaDecent.com) and saw a music video for a song by a female artist. Honestly, if I see any video for any female artist, I have to watch it. I listen to too many dudes and it seems like a good female artist is hard to find. At least on the blogs I read. lol Anywho, I clicked play and discovered, Carlitta Durand. The video for for her song Lost Love featuring Jabee off her 2009 EP, Doug and Patty with Vaughn Garica. I love the video! It's so cute and dope! And she has an amazing voice! Not much of a R&B and Neo Soul head anymore (I leave that up to my sister) but I can def have some Carlitta Durand on my iPod. She reminds me some some of my favorites, like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Goapele and more. And I just love her hair! lol The music is feel good and sweet! Love the Hip Hop influence in the production too. She's really dope, I gotta download her EP and mixtapes and check out more of her! You should do the same!

Here's the video for Lost Love ft. Jabee!

Carlitta Durand - Lost love feat. Jabee from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

And check out the Doug and Patty EP!!! Listen and download!!! Oh, and she gets points for using Doug and Patty-Doug was my shit!!!
For more Carlitta Durand, follow her on Twitter  at @CarlittaDurand!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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