Discovery of the Day: Eternia.

I actually like getting emails of artists I never knew existed-and they're actually GOOD!!! Funny I got this particular email today because I was randomly thinking to myself, as I do often, where are the women in Hip Hop? No, not the women on the tour bus or backstage but the ones on the mic? And then, I got an email about Canadian MC, Eternia. Let me just say before I continue with this post, Canada has some of the dopest artists ever-what is in the water over there? Ok, let's continue.

I'll be honest, every time I hear of a female MC, I get really nervous before pressing play. I've heard way too many wack MCs at my young age and I promise, 8 out of 10 female MCs I've listen to are wack, in my humble opinion. And I hate that because I'm all for women in this industry! So when I got the email today of footage of a performance did recently, I was like,"Please let her be dope!" Prayers were answered. This chick is ill! She's defintely not your pop type, slutty, and exaggerated female MC. Eternia is real Hip Hop, far from a barbie. And I love and appreciate that! Eternia be going innnnnnn!!! And because she's so ill, I'm mad I'm just hearing about her now! She's been in the game for a minute too! She's toured all around the world and has shared the same stage as MC Lyte, KRS One, Common, Pharoahe Monah, and plenty more. Let's just say her Hip Hop resume is on point! And word to her producer, Moss. The production goes hard! It's hard to find a really good female MC, they're like a rare breed of humans. Glad I spotted one today!

Oh, and I'm def copping the shirt she's rocking in the photo above! Dopeness!!! Get yours here!

Check her video, Goodbye

And peep the video of her performing at the Rock Steady Crew 33rd anniversary [8/1/2010]

For more on Eternia, check out the following sites:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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