Es Wonders: About Trey Songz 'Bottoms Up' video.

Bottoms Up
  • What is Trey Songz on? I asked this the last time and still no answer.
  • Why so dramatic Trey?
  • Was a hair stylist in the budget for this video? Cause those girls' weaves were a HOTTTT mess.
  • They put the screen in front of the girls to hide the bad weaves didn't they? 
  • Is Trey Songz copying Chris Brown or is Chris Brown copying Trey Songz?
  • What's up with the girls being all hooked up to ropes or chains(whatever it was)? Thought we were just talking about drinking.
  • What kind of schizophrenic freak show is this?
  • Speaking of schizophrenic, is it just me or did Nicki Minaj have like three different voices in her one verse?
  • I thought it was highly disrespectful that she mentioned the 'babies up in Haiti' in this song, you agree don't you? 
  • Why does Trey Songz have to have his shirt off in every video of his? Like we all know how ya body looks like, we're bored of seeing it.
  • Isn't funny how I always find myself wondering about Trey Songz and his fuckery?
"And I wonder..."

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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