From One Blog to Another, With Love: illRoots 2 is here!!!

Before I get into this particular post here, let me explain this blog feature. From One Blog To Another, With Love is a feature I'll be doing where I post about other dope blogs (besides my own! lol) and show them love. Get it? Got it? Good. Let's continue.
One of favorite blogs, illRoots, has launched illRoot2 today!!! I've been waiting for this since they first mentioned it! Probably like "So, what's the difference?" I'll let them tell you:

After a year of planning, reworking, starting from scratch and traveling, illRoots2 is finally becoming a reality. It wasn’t until March of this year that Mike Carson and I really kicked things into motion. Since then we’ve gone from Chicago to Austin to New York to Los Angeles, capturing content from some of our closest friends and favorite artists. We’ve really dedicated so much time and brain power to this project that’s it’s sort of surreal to be this close to launch.

Now what exactly is illRoots2? In short, it’s the new version of illRoots with a much updated look that will focus primarily on providing high quality original content at a consistent basis. We’re enhancing our interview format, creating music videos, releasing new audio, doing photoshoots and throwing concerts amongst other things. All in house. We’ll still be bringing you what you want as far as news and media, just with our own material mixed in to play.

Some people came and went over the years, but our team is now concrete and really ready to try something new.We appreciate your support and hope you stay tuned...

YAY!!! The site looks great! They did a dope job! And I might even cope myself an illRoots tee too! Yea, you thought I was the type of blogger to be salty and hate on other bloggers-not Es.

Check out illRoot2 on nowwww!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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