Go Off.

First off, I just love videos in the hood like this. Secondly, Keys is the truth! I know everyone is hating on her saying she's only hot cause she dissed Nicki Minaj. Let's be mindful that Keys is not the only person to do that. But she is the best to do it and that's she's on. And people hating on another artist is the oldest trick in the book! And all these other female artists hating on Keys, yall ain't any better of a person. You all look like Nicki Minaj dick riders.Fall back. Last thing female MCs need to be doing is hating on each other anyways, there's only like 50 of you in the game. Keys goes in and is one of the dopest female MCs out right now. I'm not the biggest fan of autotuune, but I love this track! Very dope! I see Keys going places... as in to the top! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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