I can't.

I try my best to avoid posting content like this. I really do. And I pride myself on not really feeding into celebrity bs and focusing on their work. The important famous people that is. Even though my blog is considered by many a "music blog" and yes, 98% of my posts are dealing with music, I like to think my blog is a dopeness blog. This image above, it's not dealing with music and is def not dope.

I was just on Tumblr and I saw this and immediately needed to post this and add my 2 cents. First, Kat Stacks and Montana Fishburne are not women. They are not even girls. They are creatures. And any disrespect they receive from anyone, they deserve. They are stupid, disgusting, and need to be wiped off the face of this beautiful Earth. I don't give a damn about their sad stories because they are plenty of people who go through the same thing they went through and decided to better themselves and become scums.I don't follow them Twitter because my timeline is a No Hoes Allowed zone and because I don't need to keep track of their Hoe Actions of the Day. Now usually, I do not take tweets personally unless I see "@thegirlEs" in it. But when I saw this, I took it personally and my hand was ready to snatch someone's weave out.

How dare does this 5% of a human being call herself and another person who is less of a human being role models? And how dare does that other person RT it? I thought these creatures were stupid but stupid is officially an understatement for them. I don't think they understand the meaning of a "role model". According to dictionary.com (a website that neither of these things are familiar with) the term "role model" means: a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, esp. by younger people. Last time I check, bragging that you slept with all of Hip Hop and purposely creating a sextape to gain fame is not behavior that should be emulated by anyone, especially younger people. And for her to say that other young women had their chance and went to college? That sentence doesn't even make sense! But she wouldn't know that because she didn't go to college. I understand. AND THEN to put the icing on the cake, she calls us hoes! 0_0 Young women, respecting their bodies and who they are as a person and wanting to better themselves are now hoes? I'm sorry, I did not receive this memo. My bad.

Like really "Chippy D"? Homegirl(creature), we are like the same age and honestly, when I first heard of you and your fame chasing story, I did feel bad for you. I felt bad that you were too ignorant to realize that you have so many opportunities, probably more than the average 19 year old and you some how were unable to gain the knowledge and common sense to take advantage of them. You ARE stupid and you need to shut the fuck up. Maybe then you can make your father proud. With the stunts you have be pulling lately, I'm surprised you're still breathing! Let my father be your father, you wouldn't even have a Twitter to tweet nonsense like this cause you would have been dead. As for Kat Stacks... die slow.

You know, I could have talked about these two earlier and I have talked about Kat Stacks, but that was to prove another point-ANYWHO, I could have really gone in on them but I didn't. At the end of the day, what they do in their lives and with their bodies is none of my damn business even if they throw it in my face all day long. I let hoes be hoes and I only ask that they let self respecting good women be self respecting good women. FYI you two, you will never find a man who will respect you and treat you right, if you have children, they will grow up to resent you and you will forever been known for the hoes that you are to the rest of the world till the day that you die. It's not that I wish that upon you, it's reality. Even with Karrine Stefans (or Superhead) finding Jesus and "changing her life", she will always be known as a hoe. And Montana, you sound stupid as hell saying that you saw how Kim Kardashian had a sextape out and all of sudden become famous so you want to do the same. Honey, you have the story all wrong. Kim Kardashian was actually known before the sextape, which she had no idea would ever be leaked. Kim is a business woman! She owns shit unlike you! She is not a pornstar, or a hoe. So keep her name out of your mouth since you don't even know the correct story. Kat Stacks can still die slow.

I take this so personally for three reasons: I am a young woman in college, I know young girls and they don't need creatures like this to be their role models, and these things actually think they are somebody in this world! First off, I do not feel like I made a bad decision by going to college. And yes, I have my days when I feel like dropping out but that is because I can't afford to pay for tuition not because I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing with my life. Between the three of us, I believe I'm the one who made the right decision! Correct me if I am wrong! So yes hoe, I had my chance to be a disgusting, d*ck sucking creature but I decided to be become a beautiful woman and make my father proud. Secondly, I work with young girls and I have two nieces of my own, the last thing I want to hear out of any of their young mouths is "I want to be like Chippy D and Kat Stacks when I grow up!" I swear if I hear that, I will purposely have a blackout and slap the ignorance out of their mouths. Young girls growing up today already have enough bs to go through and deal with and the last thing they need is to have low expectations for themselves and think that the only way they will ever be somebody in this world is to be in porn and sleep with rappers all day. Dear young girls, these are not women, do not look up to them. You're better off looking up to stray dog on the street than these creatures. Lastly, "Hoes ain't shit". That statement couldn't have anymore truth to it, I swear! Why are these things getting praise from the public? Chicks getting paid to appear in clubs, magazine features, interviews-what? I'm over here actually doing grinding and have legit dreams and aspirations and I'm a nobody? Come on! They are not doing anything positive for anyone or anything! I know this world is twisted but damn! Stop making this things feel like they are somebody. And they are just two of the many infesting the world, especially in the entertainment industry. It's mad annoying to me cause I gotta deal with these freaks of nature all the time. I don't think people realize of often people in the promotions/marketing/public relation field gotta deal with people like this. And men, stop sleeping with them! You know how nasty they are!If you were a self respecting man, you would be able to pull a real woman and not a hoe. Check yourself.

Next time I see something like these, I will go to the government and ask for permission to legal beat the shit outta the person spreading this fuckery around. I'm done.

I'll be styling on all you hoes and getting all the male attention in my cap and grown with my Bachelor's degree in hand! ...bitches.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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