I thought you said you would never get a twitter, Ye?

If you have a Twitter and didn't hear about the one and only KanYe West moving into Twitterville this week-just go 'head and delete your Twitter account  now. I think I found out Day 2 of this epic event and I was thrilled! For those who know me, like really know me, know that KanYe West is like my everything! So I personally feel like with Ye's presence on Twitter, Twitter just got some kind of an upgrade. But also being the die heart Ye fan that I am, I remember a long time ago, he said he would never get a Twitter because he didn't feel that he needed to tell peoplewhat he was doing every second of his life. Something to that effect. But never say never, my friend! And KanYe's tweets are just epic cause they are so KanYe! Gotta love it! Some people say he only has Twitter cause he's dropping an album-and? It's called promotions and marketing, dumbies. Why do you think I have a Twitter? 0_0 Yea I said it! lol

Well whether you like KanYe West or not, and just want to be entertained,
follow him at @kanyewest -duh!!!

And you're probably thinking to yourself, "Did Es really need to blog about this?"
Yes, she did. It's KanYe West-enough has been said. Carry on.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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