Miss Me.

Have I've been that absent from the internet? I didn't even know a video dropped for this song! SMH! I'm slippin'!!! Anyways, what is it with Drake videos? They are just like 5 minutes of awkward! lol Like Drake seemed like some 7 year old ADD type kid who was getting hyped to some Lil Wayne song. And the girl looked like she was exercising to the stripper workout DVD they have commercials for on TV. The one that let you have the pink stripper pole for 30 days? Yea, that one. Weezy's part was just creepy to me. They treating him going to jail like he died (God forbid) or something. He seemed like a ghost in the video, could have been edited better.  They should have cranked a hood shoot like Waka Flocka's 'Hard In The Paint'. It would have been dope for the song. I love this song, not the video. Enjoy?

August, September, October, -November people, he's coming home! CHILL! and I need a OVO letterman jacket.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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