Of course I was gonna post this. Let's go verse by verse with this.

Rick  Ross: Oh that's right, he didn't have a verse! What happened with that?
KanYe: Dope but could have went harder. I mean the track is called Monster for goodness sake's! I was suppose to be scared Ye. I wanted to just get a cup of tea. And this is coming from a avid Ye supporter and fan.
Hov: I need to get the lyrics to his verse asap! Hov is going in on these tracks with Ye! His verse was once again epic. Straight beast on the track.
Nicki: I was with her for like the first couple of bars, then she started to do that thing where she has like split personalities and changes up her voice-I lost her. I was more confused than scared. I might need to get the lyrics of her verse too. Maybe if I actually knew what she was saying the whole time, I would appreciate her verse more.
Bon Iver: I have no idea who this is but I liked his part. I shall google away! *update* Bon Iver is a band. My bad. lol

Overall it was a nice track. It would have been dope if KanYe went ape shit on it. He went too easy on this track especially compared to Hov and Nicki's verses. And a verse from Rozay would have been nice. But I will say that KanYe is no longer making songs/tracks/records, he's making events. Behind every song he drops now, there is so much anticipation and excitement and it's becomes more than just listening to a song. It becomes experiencing an event. KanYe and Hov will release an EP together titled, Watch The Throne. Very fitting title. Five tracks which will include the Power rmx and this track, Monster. I still need a solo album from Ye though. Es has spoken.

track via illRoots

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


E said...

i thought i heard Rozay in the beginning after the intro...

Es said...

yea but it wasn't a verse.