Pic Of The Day.

Yall see how Marilyn Monroe looking in this photo? Her facial expression is my exact facial expression when I get these crazy ass comments from those desperate housewives about my post on Mindless Behavior. It's that "Like really?" look. It got so ridiculous that I had to ban anonymous comments from my blog. And these chicks got bold and hit me up on Twitter. Like get off me roaches! lol

But all those comments insulting me to the max-oh and just because I didn't really go off on them and get all angry doesn't mean what they said wasn't disrespectful, the comments got me thinking about why some blogs are 'bigger' and more popular than others. Let's just say another Theory of Es is on the way.

I don't really get offended when someone comments or tweets hate towards me. It just comes from their ignorance of who I am and what I do. So like Nigerian parents say to their kids when they do something bad, "It's not your fault". But then they yell and scream about how it is, so whatever.

To the angry middle aged women facing menopause and forgot to cook dinner for their families cause they were too busy watching videos of Mindless Behavior on Youtube and just so happen to come across my blog- If you don't like what you see, there's this red box with an X on it at the top right corner of your browser-click it. So long.

For my usual blog readers, yall know how I do and I love you for that! Muah!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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