Pink Notice.

My sister hit me up about this mixtape, asked me to listen to it. Like the good little sister that I am, I did. I probably never posted about E Dot Dizzy before but I know E Dot personally. He actually thinks I hate him. But I don't. I haven't heard any music from him lately, so I was kinda surprised when my sister hit me up that he had a mixtape out. I was glad she brought this to my attention-this tape is dope. Lyrical, production wise, flow-it's a well done mixtape which is becoming more extinct in the mixtape game now a days. He went over some classic beats to some of the hottest beats of today and the other production was just fuckin' epic. A way I can tell if a rapper is good lyrically, is when I feel like quoting them. And I will be tweeting some E Dot Dizzy quotes soon. lol If you trust my taste and opinion in music, go listen to this mixtape. I'm 95% sure you'll like it. And listen to the whole thing, cause I know there will be a song you will really, really fuck with.

E Dot, whatupdoe? lol

  1. Pink Notice
  2. One Wish
  3. Promise Land
  4. Frankenstein
  5. Elevators
  6. Candy Rain inte-rude
  7. Daddy Of The Year
  8. Fantastic ft.Illa V
  9. I Love Em
  10. Late Night Creep
  11. Buggin Out
  12. My Life
  13. Guy Like Me ft.Illa V
  14. What We Do
  15. Oh No
  16. Pink Notice Outro
He gets points for track 12 & 15! Sampled some of my favorite songs! Dopeshit!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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