Way Up There.

Re-released exclusive Ricky track from deeplyDope.eu from their Kush 'N Cash mixtape. Since I downloaded it to enjoy and reupload it so it can be easier for the people to download, Windows Media Player has been playing it over and over again. Usually, I would be annoyed by this and add more tracks to the playlist but it's been playing like this for about an hour-I guess you could say the track is dope! lol Next mixtape from the homie is Ricky Goes To Rehab and it is on the way!!! Rich comes home in 13 days from today, we get to have dope Ustreams again! And we get to keep the Limos movement moving!!! Enjoy people!!!

ALSO, check out this epic studio footage of Rich and the one and only Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter, Jerry Wonder!!! I almost shitted in my pants when I found this video! lol Please do not underestimate the genius that Rich Hil has! The track sounds amazing! And Jerry Wonder is beyond dope!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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