Well This Isn't Awkward.

Today, while I was getting side tracked from writing my 5 page history essay (errrr summer semester!) cause I couldn't find the right music to finish the essay to, I decided to re-download Charles Hamilton's mixtape, Well Isn't This Awkward. Because I only had like 3 hours of sleep the night before, I downloaded from the first mediafire link I spotted. It was the best mistake ever!!! I knew that he released like 6 mixtapes in one day cause it was the same day No Shade dropped, but I didn't know he did a follow up to Well Isn't This Awkward. I love that mixtape! Anywho, this follow up mixtape is dope as hell! I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a fan of Charles. He kinda has the same appeal to me as KanYe to me. He went in on this mixtape! This follow up is just as dope as the first "movie". C.Ham is truly an artist whether you like him or not. Well, now I need to download the other 6 mixtapes... oh, and Well Isn't This Awkward like how I planned on to to begin with.

  1. Dr. Intricacy Presents: Cinematic Hallucinations
  2. The Bachelor Finale
  3. Gameday
  4. Humble Beginnings
  5. Media Take Out
  6. The Last Slice
  7. Peter Pad’s Commercial Break
  8. Good Guy Goes Off
  9. Repremanded
  10. Conner Harrington’s Final Thought
  11. In Case I Get Them Both
  12. In Case I Only Get One
  13. In Case I End Up Alone

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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