What you know about Mindless Behavior?

Before I really start this post, I just want to remind yall, I'm ruthless. Let's begin.

I was going through my blog list looking for something interesting to post, and well on All Purposis and came across this group of young bloods who call themselves, Mindless Behavior. Yup, you read it right. And I saw their picture and just had to see what this was about. Video is an interview they did for some show. I'm surprised I was able to pay attention but be bored out of my mind at the same time while watching the video.

Let me sum up this group for you: 4 little boys, outrageous fashion, tiny voices, don't really know each other, sing about girls, and industry trained. Well isn't this innovative! I think the music industry is the only thing that can make the same mistake over and over again and not learn from the consequences they faced the first time. Boy bands were cool in the 90s! You think Justin Bieber would be Justin Bieber with three other dudes singing and dancing behind him and crowding around him at a photoshoot? I think not! And these kids are signed to Interscope! Same label that got Lady freakin Gaga! You would think they would be smart enough to NOT sign an act like this. And the name of the group, really? If my niece came to me and said " I wanna go to a 'Mindless Behavior' show!!!"-I would slap her silly! What kind of mindless behavior are you boys speaking of? Huh?

But what I really love about all of this is that one day, these boys are gonna grown up and look back at all of these photoshopped photos and trained memories, give their moms confused looks, and say "What the fuck was I thinking?!" It's the WTF moment! And to them I would say, "You weren't. You were practicing 'Mindless Behavior'"

I love the kids but c'mon music industry! Let a kid be a kid and not a piggy bank! I blame the parents too.

HOLLLLDDDDD UPPP!!!! Just after I posted this post, I went to their Youtube page to "see them in action" I'm actually mad now! Watch this preformance by them!

Auto-tune AND lip syncing? Really, Interscope? Ya gonna try to pull that trick on us? I think I need to get Antoine Dodson on these people! "You are so dumb!" I didn't know which kiddie was singing what? Was the curly afro kid on the verse and the mohawk kid on the hook or vice versa? What did it matter anyways, it all sounds the same!!! This artificial bullshit! I'm pissed! And I'm supposed to say these kids are talented? Hell no! I'ma get my 8 year old niece and make into the underground Beyonce if these kids are making money and touring! Say I won't! This is ridiciulous! How can people get away with this? Why do we let them? THIS IS WHY WE ARE IN A RECESSION!!! UGH! ...I need the Rich Hil mixtape to drop before I lose my mind like Jeezy in this bitch! SMH! Even the little white girls could see through the bullshit in the crowd! Those girls will love anything!

Give me real music and talent or give me deaf!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es