Erica has been goo goo ga ga over this guy on her blog lately. Very dope YouTube singer. He can be all over the place in his videos but this dude can seriously sing. I give all props to people who can sing and songwrite and set themselves apart from the rest. And Durand def does that. His range, harmonies, tone-everything is ILL! I could honestly say he shits on a lot of male artists out right now. Including my homie, Chris Brown. I think him releasing this 'tape is his polite way of telling others to step their game up. Cause he killed it on every single song on this. Especially love the Flashing Lights cover! Dopeness! Do yourself a favor and check out this 'tape! Thank Erica for it.


  1. Alcoholharmony (intro)
  2. Flashing Lights (KanYe West cover)
  3. Paranoid
  4. Rodeo Jazz (7 facts)
  5. Borderline Worship
  6. ...In My Mind (You Ain't Got Me)
  7. Slooow (J*Davey cover)
  8. Go To Sleep
  9. Speak to Me
  10. Get Lost
  11. Closer/Don't Stop The Music (Twisted Rihanna/NeYo cover)
  12. Who's Gonna Save My Soul (Gnarls Barkely cover)
  13. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (John Mayer cover)
  14. Hi Sun (J*Davey)

Here's a video of him singing the church classic. Jesus Loves Me. Yes, Durand, Jesus loves you cause he gave you some amazing talent! As for me... we're still figuring that out. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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