No Hands.

Wanna know how I heard about this song? One of my Sunday School kids told me. He was like "You know what is a good song? 'No Hands'" I never heard the song (even after seeing it on mutiple blogs) until I was driving home from church. When it played on the radio, I felt like pulling over and crying.  I haven't been doing my job properly. lol There is no reason why he should have mentioned this song during Sunday School! I wasn't even talking about anything related to this! We were talking about the seven days of creation for goodness's sake! lol

Anywho, as I begin to like Waka Flocka more and Wale less, I totally thought Roscoe Dash and Travis Porter were one in the same. So I guess everything balances out. I actually really like this song! It is a good song (not for no 11 year old boy though!). I think Waka was somewhat actually rapping-Thank God cause it was his song. And he looked good in the video.Yup I said it. Wale did a dope verse but I think a Wale feature was quite random on this song, but I guess it worked out. I like Roscoe Dash on the hook. The hook only. *sigh* Enjoy.

...I hope that boy doesn't watch this video at least. SMH!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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