Quote of the Moment by Es.

Umm, this is quite random. It's 1:16AM and I am wide awake. So I'm sure you understand. Okay, here's the quote.

Sometimes you gotta pick your nose to smell the roses.

Yes, eww. But only in a literal sense. Think about it, who really gets anything with out doing something "dirty" in the process of getting it. I was thinking to myself today, I'm too nice. Which is funny because there are some people out there who think I'm a complete bitch-sometimes I wish I was. It would explain a lot of the things people do to me. Anywho, I've forgotten how to simply say "no" to people. Due to my nature of wanting to avoid drama and conflict, I just "yes" or "okay" to just do whatever it is and get it over with. And trust, I advise people to do this all the time but for me, it's getting me nowhere. I am quite a busy girl and because of that, I'm very stressed. I won't be surprised if I get my first gray hair at 22. Realistically, I can't possibly do everything for everyone. No one can. My point is, be dirty sometimes. So say "no", walk away, don't pick up the phone, all that because if it's really meant to be and if it is that important-you'll get another chance to do it. And yes, we get second chances, we just don't realize it sometimes. Yea, one could say it's dirty, but that's why we have soap! I totally understand now why Jay-Z... did what he did to some people. And Diddy too. People become dead weight ...or just annoying. Basically, no one gets to the top without getting dirty. Copy? Roger that.

...but in a literal sense, if your nose is all full of crap-eww and clean that up and smell the damn roses!!! I need to go to sleep.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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