Random Thoughts of Es: Take 5!

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Since I've abandoned my lovely for like two weeks (pretty much) and you guys haven't been getting your usual doses of dopeness AND I'm in the weird state of mind (seriously), I decided to entertain you guys. Besides the music and other foolery that I post on here, my own foolery seems to entertain many of my readers. Probably won't be long, but it should be good. Enjoy!

+So it's official! Waka Flocka's No Hands is the anthem for my Sunday School class. I was driving with some of them in the car and we turned the radio on-my car almost tipped over from those kids dancing. Smh.

+Two weekends ago, I went to V103's For Sister's Only event here in the A. Sh*t was lame in my opinion. It's like a convention and you're suppose to get free stuff. I got shampoo samples, mints, a church fan, and two cones of free ice cream. Only reason why we got two cones is cause we got some when we first walked in and then before we left, we acted brand new and got more. Pimp the system people!

+Oh! And cause my mom's job was a sponsor there, we got in free. My mom walked right in to the front of the line, said Hi to security and we were in! I could have sworn my mom was Diddy in that moment. Dope!!!!

+I'm getting real sick of blogs. All of my favorite blogs post the same exact content every day. I visit all of them and it's the same stuff on all of them! And these blogs get all this praise and stuff, I don't get it! I'm posting artists yall probably never heard before and same of your favorite artists and some mainstream stuff and I give real content yet I'm like a ghost to this industry! I guess I'm a diamond in the rough! *shrugs*

+I just bought my ticket to the A3C fest, so Es will def be in the function all three days! Best believe I did not cop a ticket until I was sure I would not be there all by myself. Yall know I watch too many episodes of Without A Trace and Criminal Minds! Paranoia is an understatement.

+Oh! Any artists that meets up with me at A3C, I'll give you candy. And no, not weed-candy! Tweet me your favorite and I'll cop it and bring it to the fest! ...I'm so serious!

+I would bring cupcakes, but... that would be doing the most.

+I miss my hippie rockstar. =( Free Rich Hil.

+You know you broke when you feel like you ballin' with 10 bucks in your wallet. You know it's gonna go straight to gas anyways.

+I've been watching the movie, March of the Penguins, lately. Penguins live such a hard life! I wonder what they did to God. Eat a forbidden snowball? Geez. Yall need to watch that movie for real. Abortion ain't sh*t to them. Antarctica is the hood.

...I think I'm done now. Let the blogging continue!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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